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My journey...

I'm Daniela, and Tree of Life is my soap project that started five years ago as a hobby that quickly turned into my dream job.
I'm a proud Israeli artist that loves and honour my country and heritage. My inspiration for my products are the Bible and the unique local nature. Many of the ingredients I use are locally sourced by me and small businesses of Jews, Christians, Druse, and Arabs.
My products are entirely natural, vegan, and palm oil free.

✻ I replaced the bright neon of artificial colourants with herbs, spices, colourful clays and natural pigments.

✻ Instead of the heavy scent of synthetic fragrances, I use essential oils like Eucalyptus, Mint, Geranium, and more essential oils with amazing smells.

✻ My products don't contain petroleum-based detergents. Instead, I use natural cold pressed vegetable oils and butters, and infusions of medicinal herbs and spices that many are picked, dried and ground by me.

My goal is simple- to unite art with nature. My task is to know how to combine essential oils, butters, and medicinal herbs into one product.

My soaps

Though you will find here a variety of different natural products, my speciality is soap making. I make my soaps in the traditional cold process method. Evidence indicates that this method was used for hundreds of years, including in Israel- there were a few centuries old workshops discovered in Jaffa, Jerusalem, and other cities.
The advantage of this method is that the oils are heated the least possible and so preserve many of their properties. Also, these soaps are completely biodegradable and don't contaminate the water or soil.

The texture, foam, and properties of each soap depend on the oils and added ingredients. My soaps are made with a unique blend of vegetable oils and butters, which create a luxurious, lathery soap that doesn't dry the skin.

And a bit about me...
Daniela, 27, aromatherapist, writer, nature lover and an eternal learner. 
I formulate recipes, pick and dry herbs, make soaps, pack orders, take pictures, design labels and enjoy every second of it. The earth, plants, birds and small trails are my inspiration and the source of my strength.